Friday, June 18, 2010

30-Day Journal Challenge!

There's a 30-Day Journal Challenge going on over at Run With Scissors, and I have chosen to accept it!  I'm a few days behind, but I've got plenty of time on my hands to catch up.  She has 5 adorable prompts up so far, each one distinctly different from the other.
You can accept the challenge and find the prompts on her blog here!

I'll do my best to post my pages up here, as well as my flickr and the Run With Scissors flickr group!
I'll be back later today with some pretty journal pages! (hopefully! C:)


Sonya Zombiee said...

I always want to do journal challenges and stuff, but I've tried and think I'm too much of a perfectionist for it.
I'm looking forward to seeing your pages, though! :)

CupKay said...

I'm devoting all of my time tomorrow for it. haha I've been letting the prompts build up so I have a lot to do! I'M SO EXCITED and I can't wait to see your pages! :)

EVA said...

Hi Allie, I love your glasses! :D
Just had to comment!

Allie said...

Sonya Zombieee: Oh, me too. I'm such a perfectionist, and I can't draw, so I usually end up unhappy with my pages not looking how I picture them. But thank you! I'm nervous, but excited, to post them!

CupKay: I can't wait to see your pages! I worked super-hard and did all 6 prompts tonight! I bet your pages will be adorable!

EVA: Thank you so much! :)

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