Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Photo-A-Day...Day 2

Today's photo is of one of my most favourite snacks!  They're like Goldfish, but better! (And every whale has a smiley face, unlike Goldfish. C:)

I've completed 3 of the 5 posted prompts for the 30-Day Journal Project.  I've come to find that I'm having a bit more trouble with it than I thought I would, because I can't draw at all.  My artistic talent definitely does not lie in illustration.  But, I'm doing my best!  This project is proving to be a wonderful challenge for me artistically and creatively.  I'm having so much fun so far!
I'll see about posting my finished pages tomorrow (if I'm brave enough!).  I think I'm being a bit too hard on myself. C:
Anyways, back to journaling!
XO, Allie.

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Cherry Red Studio said...

they look (and sound) yummy! i cant imagine crackers better than goldfish. i must try these :)

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