Friday, June 18, 2010

A Photo-A-Day...Day 1

I think I want to start a photo-a-day project.  I need a consistent project to work on, and I think this is one I will have time for, no matter where my life takes me over these next few months.  Plus, posting them to my blog daily will help me stay motivated. C:

So, here is my very first photo:
This was taken on my way to Stillwater for some delicious ice cream from Braums. C:

(And a couple from a few days ago:)
I think a great way to document my life at this time would be to keep these photos in a journal, as well. C:
Have you ever started a photo-a-day project?  How far did you get?

Well, I'm off to make pasta and miss Sean.  Have a lovely night!
xoxo, Allie.


Kelsey Dawn said...

Keeping them in a journal is such a great idea! Even if it was just a photo album of sorts with a little caption underneath.
I always get worried about not being able to remember what I did with my life when I'm old.. pictures make me feel better :)

Claire Marie said...

I love this idea! Great photos. =) I've never done it, but I'd like to!

Thera Joyce said...


susannahbean said...

I really want to start something like this too, but my issue is I think it would be easier if I had a decent phone that took good photos, because I always feel awkward pulling out my camera for a candid shot... Maybe I'll join you soon though!


Allie said...

Kelsey Dawn: Yeah, that's the idea I have. I'm always making scrapbooks, but never just a simple photo album, so I think that would be great for this. And I worry about that too...but as long as we have pictures we'll never forget the little moments! C:

Claire Marie: Thank you! You should!

Thera: Thank you, Thera!

SusannahBean: Oh, I wish I had a decent camera to pull out and take pictures with! My camera isn't great, so I usually use my phone now, even though they aren't too great, either.

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