Friday, May 14, 2010


I'll hopefully be living in a new house within the next few months, and my mind is going crazy with ideas for decor, especially for the bedroom.  Luckily, Sean will let me decorate as I please. "As long as it's comfy," he says. :)
 (all images found on WeIt.)
I love to decorate with white, aquas, and yellows.  I think I need to broaden my colour palette, though. :)
Where do you find your inspiration when decorating?  What are some of your favourite colours to decorate with? C:
Annd...a little giveaway will take place be sure to check back!


Thera Joyce said...

cute cute cute! I love the first photo. Those nets above the bed are awesome!

AllieBee said...

I love those nets, as well!
Wouldn't it be a dream to sleep underneath them?

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