Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colour My World Saturdays!

 Today's Color: AQUA!

I lovelovelove this wallpaper! ^

One of my most favourite colours. ^_^

I'll be back later today with my very first giveaway! C:


Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty ^_^

AllieBee said...

Thank you! ^_^

Thera Joyce said...

Oooohh.. I love that dress with the converse. SO cute. :)

AllieBee said...

Me too!
So so adorable! :)

Stephanie said...

cute blog! I have seen that first picture of the bedroom all over and I love it even more every time!

following :)


AllieBee said...

Thank you for following! C:

Isn't it the cutest room? I love the branches used for the bed posts so much. ❤

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