Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Blue Dress

Goodness me, it's been forever and a day since I've posted outfit photos.  (I like to blame work for slacking on such things, since I'm so tired once I'm finally home.)  I think I've finally found a suitable place in my room to snap outfit photos on days when it's rainy, or I simply don't feel like fighting the blustery Oklahoma wind.  (I do believe I will however need to purchase a better camera for photos inside my tiny cave...all of that grain is killing me...)

I'm completely in love with this dress, though.  It's the perfect shade of navy, and it has pockets.  I think that dresses with pockets are, perhaps, my favorite thing in the entire world.  Can we also talk about that neckline?  I love it.  I had never paid much attention to necklines before this dress, and now I'm over the moon for them.  This is actually the only piece of clothing I own with a neckline as such...I'm pining for more.
The only downfall to this marvelous dress is it's material.  While it is ever-so comfy, everything under the sun sticks to it...most obviously all of the kitten fluff my sweetheart leaves behind.  I have to lint-roll this dress 500 times throughout the day, but I say it's worth it.
dress // Belk - $6!
cardigan - thrifted
belt - thrifted
shoes - Old Navy
It's the weekend, friends!
xo, A.

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