Friday, April 13, 2012

Dreams Of Gardens and Outdoorsy Things

Happy Friday, dear friends!  Lately, my mind has been wandering to thoughts of bright green leaves, crisp vegetables, soft flower petals, and tiny seeds.  It's almost all I can think about!  My dad is going to help me grow my first vegetable garden this very first vegetable well as a few flower pots clustered together and hanging from our porch.  We've started them inside, and we're both aching to get them into their outside homes...but it's been storming far too much here for us to do so.
Since I can't frolic about in my garden like I wish to, I've been getting my fill of pretty garden-y photos...I hope you enjoy them too...

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

Siiigh...these photos have me yearning for some garden time.  Soon...
Please click the link below each photo to visit the original source!
xo, A.

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