Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crocheting For Little Ones

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down and crocheted these sweet little baby hats for a friend of mine from work. Oh, what fun it was! I don't often get the chance to make baby things because, well...I don't know too many people with babies. Actually, I take that back - I know plenty of people with babies...none that I'm close enough to to feel the need to spend my time making them cute baby things. :] 
I just adore how both hats turned out, though.  I made the football hat first, and I'm not a football fan at all, but I loved it when it was finished.  It made me think that someday, when I have little ones of my own, I'll have to make them a basketball hat (for me) and a baseball hat (for my dad).
I then made the munchkin hat, which was quite a bit harder than I expected...but fun, nevertheless!  It reminds of something Tim Burton's children would wear (or my children would wear)! :]
I certainly need more little ones in my life, so I can spend my time making them sweet, tiny things.
xo, A.

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larisaa said...

That munchin hat is SO stinkin cute! You know those new born baby pictures where the baby is all naked and curled up? This would be so perfect for those! Ahh! I love it.

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