Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Trip To Lawrence // What I Wore

Sweater // Thrifted
Undershirt // Target
Jeans // Thrifted
Shoes // Payless
Purse // Old Navy  

I found this sweater a few weeks ago in a cute little thrift store (you may remember me initially sharing it here), and I had been aching to wear it.  It's a little shorter than I normally like my shirts/sweaters to be, but the print is just too perfect.  I mustn't forget that it's also made from Merino wool, and is incredibly soft and cozy.
I decided the night before we left that it would be the perfect top to wear to Lawrence, and with as chilly as the wind was, I was glad I did.

I must talk about my shoes.  My little mock-moccasins from Payless.  They've quickly become my favorite pair of shoes.  So much so that I ordered a pair in black just before they sold out and disappeared from my life forever.
I feel like moccasins look cute with literally everything.  When I'm getting dressed for work in the early morning, on the rare occasion that I wear slacks (as I hate the way slacks feel and look on me), I always consider pairing these moccasins with them, even though I know they aren't exactly "professional".  (What is professional, anyway?)  However, that's neither here nor there.  Simply put, I love these shoes.

Have a lovely day, friends.
xo, A.

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