Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stressful Moving

My Suitcase Full Of Yarn...
The past few days have been a sleep-deprived blur.  We've been working every second that we have to finish up our apartment (our lease expires on Wednesday) and organize our living space, storage, and personal belongings.  It is much more difficult to compress all of our belongings into one room than we thought it would be.  What do we keep?  What goes to storage?  This one room has to serve as our bedroom, my craft studio, and a mini living room.  I unfortunately had let go of the idea that I could have my favorite green chair in our new room. It's too big, and had to be placed in storage  :(  I do, however, get to use my little floral chair, so I'm happy.  It's been overwhelming, to say the least.  I can't wait to settle in.

Little One
Please excuse that I missed my 7 Things Sunday post!  Next Sunday, once this has all calmed down, I will be sharing two 7 Things Sunday posts combined, to make up for missing this week.  Also, on Thursday, I have a little surprise post for you!  It will be the first of what I hope to turn into a regular feature here on OATN.  I can't wait to share with you! <3

I'll be back in a bit with Retro Tuesday!
It's a pretty morning, lovlies.  Enjoy your day!
xo, A.

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Collins said...

moving is a pain in the ass but i am jealous that you get to organize and put together a new space! Your cat is precious. :)

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