Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Retro Tuesday!

For this week, I just had to share the vintage kitchenware booth I discovered in an antique mall a few weeks ago.  This booth was tucked away in a far corner, like a secret this antique mall was just waiting to tell.  You wouldn't believe the amount of retro kitchenware this person had acquired.  I doubt my photos even show half of it!  I wish I could say a piece made it home with me, but not only do I no longer have a kitchen of my own, it all cost a pretty penny, too.  Hopefully I'll be furnishing a new kitchen of my own in the not-so-distant future, so I take some of these pretty things home with me.
xo, A.


Anonymous said...

I love those sugar/coffee/tea containers! My kitchen is closet-sized... I wish I had the space for cute pieces like this. One day, girl! ;)

SarahAnn said...

There is nothing better than finding a good antique mall. I remember stumbling upon the HUGEST one in the NASTIEST part of town. Now it's my go-to for a "nothing to do" afternoon.

Love the photos!

Cara said...

I do like those tea/coffee/flour/sugar containers. Hopefully when I have my own kitchen it will be filled with super cute things like that. :)

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