Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Visit To The Pumpkin Patch, Pt. 2!

Hello, dearies!  Today was a wonderful day!   We made a trip to Ikea in hopes of finding a new table for my sewing machine.  Not only did we find a new table, but we also found a new lamp for the living room, 2 new shelves, and some super adorable gnome wrapping paper.  (I just can't get over the gnome paper! So, so cute!)
And now, I'm being lazy while Sean puts the shelves together for me.  It's so funny listening to him while he works...whispering 'beautiful!' when everything lines up perfectly. :)  He truly is the most amazing fellow.  I'm such a lucky lady!

Anywho, enough nonsense.  On to part two of our pumpkin patch adventure!

The petting zoo was probably my favorite part.  There weren't very many animals...they had a baby cow, two miniature ponies, a miniature donkey, and two baby goats...but they were so, so sweet.

It was so much fun.  I'm hoping to go back again next year, and maybe start making it a tradition!

I suppose I should go assist Sean now. :)  Have a wonderful, wonderful night!
XOXO, Allie.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

FUn! I sure wanna go to a pumpkin patch!

amylou said...

so fun! cute donkey!

lrs said...

i adore the lights!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ahh, petting zoo! Too bad there weren't any sheep! hehe, my favourite!

Allie said...

{andthisiswhatshesaid}: You should go! They're tons of fun!

amylou: He was adorable! :)

lrs: The lights were so pretty! I adore lights strung up like that. :)

Holly Knitlightly: I wish there were sheep! That would be so cute! :)

Amber Rose said...

Honeybee, you look absolutely beautiful!
Aren't autumn adventures the best?
Next time, I'll hope a plane and we can go together!

Spence. said...

Sweet photos, I'm glad you had a lovely time

Joanna said...

Very cute...looks like you had a lovely time.
Petting zoo's are fun!

BarnKitten said...

The wrapping paper is really really cute, hah :)
That looks like so much fun, I can't wait to go to pumpkin patches.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love pumpkin patches and petting zoos! I'm so sad we couldn't go to a pumpkin patch this year though.
I'm definitely going next year!

Little Sugar Monster

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like your sweater!

kristin elena. said...

that little donkey is so cute! if i weren't such a city girl, i would LOVE to have a farm w/ tons of cute little animals to raise. :]

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