Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 Things Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend...and the start of football season, for those of you that watch.  (I personally am waiting for the start of basketball season!)
Anyway, here are my 7 Things I love for this week:

1.  Small Craft, the newest online class by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Rachel of Smile And Wave.  They'll be teaching you how to make tons of adorable crafts for little ones.  With all of the babies that have recently come into the world (or are about to!), this class is perfect!

2.  This fox hat from U.O. is one of my must-haves for fall/winter!  It's so cute, and looks super cozy!

3.  And another thing from U.O. that I must have for fall...this adorable house sweater!  I love it!

4.  These rainbow cupcakes by Kaylah are the most delightful little cupcakes!  I can't wait to try to make some of my own.
(Photo by Kaylah!)

5.  All of the sweet little babies that have recently been born!  This little lady's momma is James of Bleubird Vintage.  Isn't she precious?  Also, my dear friend Michael's daughter was born last Wednesday.  They named her Eloise and she's simply adorable!
I can't wait to be a momma.

6.  Pumpkin pie...yum!
(photo via WeHeartIt.)

7.  One of my most favorite movies of. all. time.
(Photo via WeHeartIt.)

There you go...7 things I l.o.v.e.!
Have a lovely night!!!
xoxo, Allie.


Amber Rose said...

Titanic. Sigh.

If you decide to buy off UO, let me know! I have a free shipping coupon and a 10% off one as well. :)

Oh, My Darling said...

What a fantastic list!! Loving the pumpkin pie and the fun cupcakes especially (perhaps because I'm hungry, hehe)!

Anonymous said...

That hat is the best!

Thera Joyce said...

I love that fox hat! It's super cute!

Allie said...

Amber Rose: Gee, thanks! That'd be wonderful! ^_^

Oh, My Darling: They look so delicious, don't they?

The Cookie Button & Thera: I know! I want it so badly! ^_^

Holly Knitlightly said...

Gemma is so cute and I'm totally craving pumpkin pie now! :)

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