Monday, September 13, 2010

A Personal Style Alphabet

I was challenged by Inari of A Girl And A Notebook to write down my own personal style alphabet.

A is for apron.
B is for burnt orange.
C is for cardigans.
D is for delicate.
E is for
F is for frilly.
G is for grey.
H is for handmade.
I is for interesting
J is for jackets.
K is for knitted hats.
L is for loose-fitting.
M is for mis-matched!
N is for necklaces.
O is for Oxfords.
P is for pajamas.
Q is for quaint.
R is for ruffles.
S is for socks.
T is for teal.  And tights.
U is for umbrellas.
V is for vintage.
W is for whimsical.
X is for x-tremely sweet.
Y is for yellow.
Z is for, like Inari said, Zzzzzzz...because plenty of sleep makes everyone more beautiful!  (I couldn't think of anything for Z, haha!)

And now I challenge...  Cupkay,  Holly Knitlightly,  Amber Rose,  Susannahbean, and The Cookie Button!

xoxo, Allie.


Anonymous said...

I have posted mine!

Ashley said...

what! No E? E is an excellent letter, why is he empty?

Allie said...

The Cookie Button: Yay! I'll check it out now!

Ashley: Oops! I forgot E!
E is for...eccentric. :)

Miss Wendy said...

Frilly is my favorite!!

Also I gave you a sunshine award on my blog because I think you're awesome!!

Holly Knitlightly said...

:) Thanks so much for tagging me in this! I love your list. And that photo of the books! BEAUTIFUL!

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