Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm here to share with you the first 7 pages of my 30-day journal.  I've had so much fun with this so far!  The prompts are wonderful and it's so fun to see what everyone else has come up with!
I have struggled with it at times, though.  Like I mentioned earlier, I am not very good at drawing.  I'm actually incredibly nervous about posting these up for you all to see. I don't normally show people things like this.  But, this has really challenged me, and I've worked hard and put a lot of creativity into it, so here goes! C:

*Day 1!  Prompt: Introduction.
This page took me the longest!  It was fun though, trying to doodle things I never have before.

*Day 2!  Prompt: What is the best part of your day?

*Day 3!  Prompt: Use a sketch/drawing/photo of someone you love/admire, and write a letter to them.

*Day 4!  Prompt: What's in your heart?
The idea for this page came to me so quickly.  I have a tattoo of a heart similar to the sketchy one on my left wrist, and Sean always tells me how much he adores my heart.  So I knew this was perfect. C: ❤

*Day 5!  Prompt: Blogs You Love.

*Day 6!  Prompt: It's Time For...

*Day 7!  Prompt: How are you feeling today?

 So that's the first 7 pages.  I'm so excited to see what tomorrow's prompt is.  (But Sean's going to be here for the day, so I might put it off for a day. C:)
Check out the Project's flickr pool to see some lovely, lovely pages!  Also, CupKay posted some prettyyy pages earlier!

I'll be back later with '7 Things Sunday'!


CupKay said...

awwwww! YOUR PAGES ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!! There's absolutely nothing for you to be nervous about! i LOVE these. hehe and I found my blog in that cupcake! wooo hoooo I'm flattered, thank you! and such creative work! :D

Ashley said...

I love your pages! I really like the fact that you did all of it with basically just a pen. It's a lot harder to make interesting pages with a pen, instead of taking the easy route and using scrapbooking pieces. It's a lot more personal and beautiful, and it doesn't look manufactured.

good job!

Allie said...

CupKay: Thank you!!! I'm glad you like them! Haha, I get nervous about the silliest things sometimes, especially when it comes to showing my work. And of course it's in my cupcake, your blog is adorable! C:

Ashley: Thank you so much! I definitely agree that it's much harder to make a page interesting with only a pen. I wanted to make it hard for myself, though. I'm glad you like my pages! C:

Lacey said...

I'm a new follower just stopping by and wanted to say I absolutely love your blog!

You made the 30 day journal challange look so fun I think I might try a few days out for myself and see if I'm creative enough :)

Your pages look amazing!!!

xoxo Lacey :)

ashleigh said...

Really cute!!! Your drawing is great... keep it up!

Allie said...

Lacey: Hello! Thank you very much! C:

Oh you should definitely try it out. It's so much fun! And it's exciting waiting to see what each new prompt it. :)

Ashleigh: Aw, thank you! ^_^

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