Sunday, June 20, 2010

7 Things Sunday!

1. Cute sunglasses!
(found on WeIt.)

2. Edward Scissorhands.  My favourite movie. ❤

3.  Lots of books.

4.   Precious kittens with precious bow-ties.
(found on WeIt.)

5.  Sweet puppies who pretend to look tough.

6.   This little fawn stamp from YozoCraft.

7.  Pretty string lights.

Today has been a wonderful Sunday, full of Sean and Allie time.  I'll be back later with my daily photo! C:
Happy Father's Day, Dad! ❤


Thera Joyce said...

I love Edward. <3 I love string lights too. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Super cute fawn stamp ^_^

peppermint*tea said...

love edward scissorhands or anything by tim burton! and such a cute stamp :)

Allie said...

Thera: Best movie ever. <3 And me too, there's nothing cuter than twinkle lights on a headboard. C:

Cookie Button: Isn't it adorable?!

Peppermint*Tea: I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, as well!

Rachael Thomas said...

That kitten in the bow-tie is so adorable! I just got a bow-tie for my cat a few days ago!

Allie said...

Rachael Thomas: Aw, that's adorable! My kitty used to have a little Hawaiian print tie I would put on him. It was so cute. ^_^

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