Monday, June 21, 2010

There's a giveaway going on...

Over at The Crafty Pirate!
She's giving away some amazing stuff, like a quilted cupcake wallet, space notecards and envelopes, and a bag of buttons (that I have my eye on!).
You can enter in here!  (But don't just go for the giveaway!  She's also a super-crafty lady, and her blog is full of fun tutorials and pretty eye candy! Go go go! C:)


Thera Joyce said...

Thanks for posting this Allie!

Thera Joyce

Rai said...

Ooh such a pretty blog! Thanks for following me x

Rai said...

Also, I currently have a giveaway going on if you're interested:

Allie said...

Thera: Of course! C:

Rai: Why, thank you! And you are very welcome. Your blog is adorable, as is your giveaway, which I will be entering! C:

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