Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed!
I'm back for my first giveaway!
Here's whats up for grabs:

Two precious little owls, made by me!  The larger owl is 7.5 inches tall, and the baby is about 2.5 inches tall.
If you would like to win these little owls, just follow this blog and leave a comment on this post with your email!  I will draw the winner on May 23rd! 
I will be drawing the winner on Friday, May 21st instead.  Due to my absentmindedness, I forgot that my brother's graduation is this weekend!
Thanks for entering, everyone! ^_^



Anonymous said...

yay!! <3

Thera Joyce said...

Oh my gosh! Soooo cute!

Stephanie said...

sweet :)

Kim-Anh NGUYEN said...

love it <3

Christina Rambo said...

aww...yay! I love them.

living_dead_babe said...

their sooo cute

Ashley said...

^ they're
but yeah they are :)


Holly said...

OMG they are SO cute! I love owls! And my birthday was Sunday....a great belated birthday present, beings I didn't get anything, even from my boyfriend. :( Then had a tooth pulled yesterday. HORRIBLE! Would love to snuggle up with the owl and take a nap. LOL!

So pretty, too! I crochet and kinda knit, I envy anyone that can sew.

Lu said...

These two owls are amazingly cute! <3

AllieBee said...

Thank you, Lu! ^_^


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