Sunday, October 21, 2012

Toast + Jam

When I found the pattern for this toast and jam scarf in issue 18 of Mollie Makes, I just knew I had to make it for someone (or myself).  Luckily, I have a dear sweet friend who is the right amount of quirky, enough to wear a toast and jam scarf.  And luckily, her birthday has just passed.  I'm late in getting her gift to her, but I hope that's okay with her when she's sees what it is.

This scarf was so much fun to make - I might just have to make one for myself anyway.
What have you made lately?
xo, A.

P.S.  Do any of you have problems with Flickr changing the coloring in your photos a bit when you upload?  Mine seem to be dulled down compared to the version that's saved to my computer.  Frustrating.

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