Friday, October 5, 2012

Cold Days & A Plaid Coat

The past two days have been cool...almost this part of the world.  The sky has been covered in a blanket of grey.  It's quite refreshing, you know?  The heat and humidity of the dripping summer has finally given way, I think.  Fall is here, and it feels different this year, in a welcomed way, of course.  Hopefully in the next couple of weekends, my family and a couple of friends can take a day-adventure to this place.  Fall isn't complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch.  I've never carved a pumpkin before (I know!), so I want to pick pumpkins that I can carve away on.

Anywho, the plaid coat in the photo above I found in a thrift store for $5 last weekend.  Well, my mom found it actually, and held it up across part of the store for me to see...and fall in love with.  It's just what I was wanting for the coming colder weather.  Forget designer clothes, I say...$5 plaid coats at from the thrift store are more my style.

I've already been able to wear my found coat once.  The fact that it has already been cold enough to wear a coat when just a month ago the temperatures were over 100 degrees is one of the most wonderfully annoying aspects of this part of the world.  I kind of love it though, because we truly get the best of both worlds here.  We get mild Springs, hot and humid Summers, chilly Autumns, and bitterly cold Winters.  We get to feel every season exactly as it is meant to be felt here on this prairie land.  It's wonderful.
xo, A. 

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