Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yesterday was quite a terrifying day for the tiny Oklahoma town that I grew up in, and still live in.  The plains in this part of the country have been so dry...completely moisture-less for at least 2 feet below ground.  We haven't seen a decent amount of rain in months, and the temperatures are at all-time highs, hovering around 110-115 degrees every day.  Needless to say, we are miserable here.

Wildfires have been ravaging this poor state over the past week, and yesterday one started too close to home.  Our little town was evacuated completely.  We scrambled to pack our most beloved possessions, and get ourselves and our pets out to our cars.  We thought we were going to lose everything.
The fire blazed right to the edge of town, and as if some wonderful being was watching over our little town, the wind changed directions and blew the fire back.  Our little town was spared, but many homes of the residents who lived outside of town were not.

Never in my life have I experienced a disaster this real.  We've never had a threat of fire here...normally, we're faced with tornadoes multiple times a year, but even then, the tornadoes never really get close.  But this was a giant, ominous cloud looming right behind our town and inching closer.  The last photo was one that I snapped as we were evacuating.  We had made it to a road about 15 miles or so to the West, and because of the flat plains of this part of the country, we could see our little town engulfed in those flames from that distance.

Most unfortunately, many people did lose their homes and everything they had in them.  I've decided that for the entire month of August, 20% of each sale I make in my Etsy shoppe will go towards helping these people rebuild their lives.

There are many fires here that are still burning, but we're keeping our fingers crossed and our hopes up.
xo, A.

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