Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here's To August

Goodbye, July.  You passed by me so quickly, I almost lost you.  You were full of wonderful moments.  You were also hot.  Very, very hot.  I learned more about myself and what I love in the month of July.  I had new ideas and new realizations.  I'll miss you, July...but not your heat.

Hello, August.  This is the month in which my newest and most daring adventure yet starts.   You'll be beaming with new things and it's almost overwhelming. (But not quite.)  Here's to new books, papers, and fancy backpacks.  Here's to sleepy warm nights and the winding down of Summer.  Here's to tea, early mornings, yoga on Thursdays, and air conditioning.  Hello, August.  I hope you're everything I dream you'll be.
xo, A.

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