Friday, July 27, 2012

A Bit About Folklore Cabin Packaging

Today I thought I would share a bit with you about the packaging I use for my shoppe.  Creative packaging is something that I love about buying from an Etsy shoppe.  It says a lot about the specific shoppe/seller, and it's always fun to receive a package that has a bit of a creative twist to feels more like you're getting a gift!  I've seen so many different ways of making packaging personal and unique, so when it came time for me to think up the packaging for my own shoppe, I thought quite a bit about how I wanted my packaging to look.  I wanted my packaging to have the homespun feel that my shoppe does.

If you receive a package from The Folklore Cabin, you might notice that the envelope looks like it's made from paper bags...and that's because it certainly is!  My dad gets quite a few paper bags from the local convenience store.  Rather than waste the paper bags and spend money on expensive boxes/envelopes, I simply recycle the paper bags!  I cut them to fit the item that I'm shipping, then stitch the outsides to seal it shut.  I've sent quite a few packages out this way, and I haven't had one complaint about the envelope not holding up.

I always wrap my item in tissue paper, to give it a tiny bit more protection on it's journey.  I currently use either ribbon or twine to secure the tissue paper, but I have some fancy stickers from on the way that I will use to secure the tissue paper.  (I'll share those once they're in!)
The last things to go into the package are one of my business cards, and a postcard which I write a little thank you on in pencil, so the buyer can erase what I wrote and reuse the postcard.  I love collecting postcards, so sending them out as a little something extra with my orders gives me a reason to hoard them. :)

I plan on ordering a fancy stamp at some point, so I can stamp my shoppe name on the outside of the package.  I'm also always looking for new ideas for little extras to put in the package.
xo, A.

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