Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grey Days

We had an actual rainy day yesterday for the first time in months.  Rainy, cloudy, full-of-gloom days are my favorite kind of days.  Everything looks grey and peaceful, and it always seems quieter on rainy days.  I suppose my love for grey days has something to do with my affinity for living in Washington State someday.

I thought of sleeping all day, but instead I decided to take advantage of the first rainy day I had seen in months.  I wore my rain boots and yellow raincoat and received awkward glances from bubbly college-age girls.  I went thrifting and bought a few baby things (because I'm going to be an aunt come April!).  I stressed over college related thoughts and watched this movie, in which David Hyde Pierce (boy, do I love him) plays an oddly deranged man who hallucinates fancy dinner parties.

Today I'm crocheting my fingers to the bone on a few more Etsy updates before my classes start tomorrow and I haven't the time for much of anything else.  (You can see a peek at my Etsy update in the photos above. :) )  There were a few clouds this morning, but they have given way to the sun.  I have noticed that the days already seem to be getting shorter.  Fall isn't too far away at all.
xo, A.  

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