Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here's To April + Giveaway Winner

March through Instagram.

Goodbye, March.  You were good, and I'm sad to see you go.  It's seems to me like you were just beginning yesterday.  I began two new things this past month, and I'm ever-so excited to see how they turn out.  I've considered new ideas and began my first garden.  I crocheted, a lot.  Goodbye, were wonderful.

Here's to April...the first full month of Spring.  Warmer days here in the middle of nowhere.  Hours upon hours spent with a crochet hook in hand, and maybe even knitting needles at some point.  Flowy dresses and bare legs.  Flip-flops!  I Love Lucy and Walking Dead reruns.  Floppy hats and dirty garden gloves.  Sleep.  Boring work days, exciting weekends.  Bravery, and happiness.  Here's to you, April.

Are you on Instagram, too?  You can find me at @allisonlynn.


I'm also quite excited to announce the Beloved Bird giveaway winner!  Using a random number generator, the winner is Taryn!  Congratulations!!!

Happy Sunday, friends!
xo, Allie

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