Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I don't know about where you live, but Spring is finally here in Oklahoma.  The trees are blooming brightly.  I can hear lawnmowers out and about in the distance.  The cats are more playful.  Our flamigos (Franklin and Frances) are delightfully upright in the yard.  We've planted our plants (inside, for now, in case it freezes just one more time).  In the last photo, there are snowball tomatoes and a couple of other kinds of tomatoes on either side, and forget-me-nots in the middle.

It's funny, because at the end of every summer, I say how I can't wait for Autumn and Winter.  I talk of how they're my favorite season because I can bundle up and because the colors of Autumn are beyond words.  But then, by the end of Winter, all I can think of is Spring and Summer.  And warmth, color, and flowers.

Of course, Springtime in Oklahoma also means thunderstorms.  Which also means tornadoes.  Thunderstorms are one of my most favorite parts of Spring.  The air is so calm and muggy.  There's a faint cool breeze, and you can just feel it coming.  You can sense it, and smell it.  (Is that weird?  Perhaps I've picked up some sort of 'storm sixth sense' from having lived here all my life..)  Then the storm will crash in upon your little world with frightening bursts of lightning and hard rain.  They're such a sight to watch.  Unless they happen to contain a tornado or two (or 66 in one day, which happened once).

Spring, I've waited what feels like a long time for you.
xo, A.

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