Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wonderful Bits of Miscellany // Dear Friend

Photos by Rebekka Seale.
Happy Wednesday, friends.  As I sit and patiently wait for 9 o'clock to come, oh 9 o'clock, when one of my favorite shows, Face Off, comes on, I thought it was high time I shared another Wonderful Bits of Miscellany post.  Because lately, I've fallen deeply for plenty of miscellaneous bits, yet have struggled to find the time to share them with you.
(Do any of you watch Face Off?  It comes on the SyFy Sci-Fi channel, and is completely wonderful.  I wish I could do makeup as well as the contestants can.  I'd be making monsters and new Tim Burton movie characters left and right! ;] )
Anywho, I'd like to present to you the wonderful world of Rebekka Seale.  I can get lost in her blog, Dear Friend, so easily.  Her pictures are so bright and dreamy.  Rebekka begins each post with "Dear Friend," which I love.  It's as if she's written a personal letter to you, sharing the wonderful details of her happy world.  She knits cute hats, and bakes yummy things.  She also paints.  She paints and paints the most magical paintings, of houses, and animals, and lovely calendars.  (Her monthly calendar paintings have found their way to my desktop each month this year so far.)  Plus, she's just lovely.

That's my miscellaneous bit for this week, dearies.
Have a wonderful, wonderful night!
xo, A.

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