Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet My March Sponsors!

Well friends, I'm so excited to share my very first Sponsor Highlight post with you!  This month, I have 6 lovely ladies gracing my blog.  They run blog, shoppes, and are simply wonderful.  I do hope you'll take a few minutes to say hello and get to know them.

Hi There!  My name is Lori Lynn and I blog over at A Little Slice of Special.  It's my creative space for my time away from my day job as a tax policy analyst.  It's where I play with clothes, figure out my personal style, play with makeup, and geek out over all the fun things I find and encounter!  I love animals, I'm a vegetarian, I love a good tea party, and glitter, polka dots, and minty colored things make me very happy....and dinosaurs, penguins, koalas, unicorns, and zombies! All that, and coffee.  Did I mention I have raging ADHD?! I recently opened a tiny etsy shop, The Minty Koala where I sell paintings and vintage goodies.  Oh and I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my Husband, dog, kitties, and birdie! 

I'm a stylish biker, surfer, avid thrifter and tattoo designer and City Bird’s Nest is where I show all the adventures I go on with my husband. I love to sew, am obsessed with flowers and vintage fabric. I run my own shop filled with illustrations and hand painted jewelry and hope to add a bit more floral illustrations to the mix!

Over at Miss Larissa bree you will find an abundance of animals and cute things and lots of magic!  I'm a little bit of a hermit who loves to bake and cuddle all my little furbabies.
Hi! I'm Amylou! I love photography and I recently opened my little shop to share my favorite nature photos. Some of my favorite past times are watching broadway musicals, creating embroidery art, thrifting, and photo adventures. Please come by my little shop and blog! I would love to meet you!

My blog is a collection of all my crafty creations and things which put a smile on my face. It also varies from parts of my life that make me super happy and slices of things which need to be shown to the world and make your eyes light up with joy. I am starting to find what is really me in the way of my crafts and I am slowly developing this into my blog and shoppe.

Violet Lulu's mum Hanna is an Australian work-a-holic hairstylist turned stay at home mum, compulsive thrifter and sometimes master chef wannabe. She blogs about adventures with her husband to be, never blogs about their upcoming wedding because she's found herself to be a terrible wedding planner (though a great dreamer) and writes love letters to their most precious gift, 10 month old Violet Lulu.
Blog //

Pop in and say hello to all of these lovely ladies!  They truly are wonderful!
Happy Sunday, friends.
xo, A.

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