Thursday, March 15, 2012

Going Organic // Makeup

Today I thought I would share with you a bit about the makeup I wear.  Let me tell you, my concern over the amount of chemicals in the makeup I wear has grown significantly over the past few months.  A long while ago, I read a blog post written by a lovely lady named Katie Kukulka (who unfortunately no longer blogs), in which she discussed her switch to organic (or as close to organic as she could find) makeup.  Her post definitely grabbed my attention, and I began to ponder over the ingredients in the makeup I wore.  I did a little research on this website, picked ingredient lists apart, and googled ingredient terms that I didn't understand.  My goodness, I had no idea what was lurking in my makeup.  It's appalling.  Chemicals, parabens, aluminum - all found in cosmetics. I was quite dismayed to find out that I had literally rubbing all kinds of nonsense into my face.  For me, switching to makeup that was as organic as I could possibly find seemed like a necessary decision.

Through my searching, I found a wonderful brand called Everyday Minerals.  I started off with a couple of their eyeshadows in wonderful neutral shades, and loved them!  Over the past few months, I've been switching all of my daily makeup products to EM, with the exception of mascara, which they do not currently make.

My most recent switch was my foundation.  I had been wearing Bare Minerals for a couple of years.  I loved the look of smoothed out my complexion without making me look like I had caked my makeup on.  I researched it on EWG, and it scored well enough, so I wasn't too overly concerned with its ingredients.  I also figured that, compared to other brands, it was about as well as I was going to do.
A few weeks ago, I decided to switch to Everyday Minerals' foundation, because the price of Bare Minerals had become too ridiculous for me.  I decided to try EM's foundation, and ordered a jar of their Original Glo base.  I was weary at first, because I can be rather picky when it comes to foundation.  (I was stuck in a bit of a Bare Minerals rut, honestly.)  After wearing it for a few days and figuring out the best way to apply it, I love it more than Bare Minerals!  It's so light and fresh!  And, in my own opinion, EM's base does seem to have slightly better ingredients.
(Now, both Everyday Minerals and Bare Minerals contain mica.  I've researched mica quite a bit, and it seems to be quite a controversial ingredient.  Some say it's not so good, some say it's nothing to worry about.  In my own opinion, I feel as though wearing mineral makeup that contains mica is still better than wearing some of the other chemical-laden makeups out there.  Please feel free to research mica yourself and form your own opinion!)

I'm also switching over all of my skin-care products, and I will share that with you in a new post soon.  If you would like to read more about the chemicals found in makeup, I urge you to check out this infographic.
And, if you're curious about the specific shades and colors I wear, here's a list of what's pictured above!
Original Glo base - Fair
Blush - New Car Smell
Eyeliner - Mrs. Coffee
Eyeshadow - Jane Eyre
Eyeshadow - Wildflowers
Eyeshadow - Queen Anne's Lace
Eyeshadow - Hot Chocolate
Concealer - Multi-Intensive Concealer/Eye Primer

xo, A.

P.S.  Please note that this post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Everyday Minerals.  This post is my personal opinion of the brand and the products of theirs which I use.

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