Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid-Month Sponsor Highlight //

Happy Monday, everyone!  For the Sponsor highlight this month, I asked my lovely sponsors to share one of their favorite personal photos, and tell the story behind it.  They've most certainly shared some interesting stories, and I hope you love them too!

I'm a picture addict, I have an unlimited supply of favorite pictures but I ended up picking one of my all time faves, a collage of photos I made from my trip to Australia and New Zealand from 2006. I am beyond grateful for the travel and experiences I've had in my life, they are typically far fewer than most people I know have had but none the less, each and every experience I have had while traveling changed me in a profound way. I love these pictures because they represent me overcoming fear and embracing adventure. I almost didn't go on this trip with through my college because I had never been camping in my life and this would be 1 month of camping in the Australian Outback. Yeah. The ways in which I was inexperienced and unprepared are to great to describe but after the majority of our trip, and arriving in Cairns to go snorkeling on the great barrier reef, I found myself in a situation where I felt empowered and ready to say yes to everything that came my way, including going on the optional "adventure" snorkel, which dropped you off by boat on the edge of the reef, where depths were over 100ft, sharks hung out, that I needed a jellyfish sting suit for, and I had to overcome a very high jump off the boat in my snorkel gear, off a plank. But empowered Lori sucked it up, jumped in, and even when I realized there were several reef sharks below me managed to have one of the greatest experiences of my life. A few days later after leaving Australia and joining a part of our original class that chose to extend our trip to New Zealand, I found myself at the base of a glacier, climbing a really long ladder up rock formations, donning "ice talons" and climbing up the Franz Joseph Glacier. Despite taking a major digger on the way down, I seriously considered changing my career track to a glacier hiking guide and living the rest of my days in New Zealand. Despite being two of the scariest things I've ever done, they are also the two things I think of when I need or want to remind myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to and sometimes I would be missing out on one of the most magical moments of my life! Thanks for letting me share my story and photos! Xo Lori

Me and a lovely friend of mine are currently both engaged (not to each other!) and we both decided to take a trip to a wedding convention in London. We thought this little adventure would give us lots of ideas for our special day. Me and my loved one may not have set a date yet but it was nice to get some leaflets and other such things to stick in my wedding planner. One of our favourite little stalls was the photobooth area. It is such an awesome idea to have at a wedding and something I may possibly look into a bit more. We thought we would both put it to the test and it did not disappoint! As you can see from this photo we had props and we were just allowed to be as silly as we liked :) Unfortunately for me the flash from the light slightly blinded me hence why I am laughing/suffering! But all in all it was a super day and I cannot wait to get planning for the big day!

This is my most recent bike outfit. it was my third solo shoot and so much fun. the picture was taken just right outside my house and i am lucky i don't have to venture far to feel like i am in another world, i love it! 
This was such a fun little highlight post!  Thank you so much for participating, ladies!  I've certainly had a wonderful time hosting you all this month!

Have a wonderful night, friends.
xo, A. 

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