Saturday, March 24, 2012

April Sponsor Call! //

Hey there, dear friends.  It's almost April, and that means it's time to host a whole new batch of Sponsors!  I'm looking forward to my second month of Sponsors.  I've worked out a few more tweaks, thought of more ideas for Mid-Month feature posts, and made a few new friends in the midst of it all.
Honestly, you guys completely overwhelmed me with your response to my first Sponsor call (in the best way, of course!).  I started off hosting only 6 ads, but this simply wasn't enough!  For the month of April, I've decided to double the amount of ads I'm hosting to twelve!
There are currently 7 spots left, so if you would like to place an ad on Of All The Nonsense for April, please email me at  If you would like more information, please visit my Sponsor page.

Happy Weekend!
xo, Allie

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