Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lately I've Been...

Self-portrait in a foggy mirror // New Swiss chalet music box // My new kitty pillow, Mabel // Thrifted shelf with thrifted knick-knacks

1.  Crocheting new things for my shoppe.  I'm aching to open it's doors on Etsy. <3
2.  Watching wayyy too much of The Walking Dead.  I just can't get over this show!  It's so dramatic and filled with the perfect amount of moments that make me scream at the TV.  The past two episodes have broken my heart more than a television show probably should.
3.  Going to craft shows.  Which is where Mabel came from.
4.  Buying yarn the color of maple syrup.  And going nuts waiting for it's arrival.
5.  Dreaming of when I can knit successfully.
6.  Loving the blooming trees, especially the Bradford pears.

Happy weekend, dear friends!
xo, A.

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