Monday, February 13, 2012

A Snow Day

Top // Target
Wrap Sweater // Old Navy
Jeans // Delia's
Hat // SusannahBean
Shoes // Old Navy

I'm quite excited to share this post with you, as I never thought I'd see the day here on this little blog.  After much deliberation, new found excitement over new clothes, and inspiration from my dear friend Megan, I've decided to start sharing outfit photos.
I've always been a little on the fence about them, never quite sure if sharing outfit photos was really 'me'.  But, I do love clothes, and I do think it will be grand to be able to someday look back on these posts and giggle at the clothes I wore. :]

We finally had a snow day here in Oklahoma.  Finally.  I was beginning to think Mr. Winter had completely forgotten to pop in and say hello to us here.  But, around 10 or so last night, the snow began to fall.  This morning I couldn't get my car out of its parking place and down the drive, so I stayed at home and gleefully crocheted and put together Valentine's Day sacks for my friends at work.  And snuck outside for a bit to play in the snow and capture these photos! :]
Much to my dismay, the snow has begun to melt, and it's back to work for me tomorrow.
Have a lovely night.
xo, A.

P.S.  Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! <333

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