Monday, February 13, 2012

Anthology Magazine

I found this copy of the Summer 2011 edition of Anthology Magazine in the thrift the other day.  I was quite surprised to see it perched upon its shelf, just begging me to take it home and thumb through its beautifully curated pages.  I almost didn't, but then I did.  And boy, am I glad I did.
I just love getting lost in the images in this magazine.  I want to live in them.  And the articles...oh, the articles...taking little peeks into the lives of imaginative people who dare to live differently.  It's wonderful.  And we mustn't forget the magazine itself, as it is perfectly bound and the pages have weight to them, as if each precisely placed word and image is adding a bit of depth to the soul of the page.
Wonderful, I say.
I'm considering getting a subscription now that this bit of joy has become mine.  I think it's expensive, but ever-so worth it.
Do you read Anthology Magazine?
xo, A.

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