Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Trip To Lawrence // Pt.1

I must start by saying that our trip to Lawrence was magnificent, just as I suspected it would be.  I also suspected that I would fall harder than a ton of bricks for that city, and the University of Kansas, once I was able to experience it.  And I did.  Oh boy, I did.
We ventured there because Sean purchased two tickets to a KU basketball game for me for our 2-year anniversary.  If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I love basketball.  When watching a game, I become almost an entirely different person, I would say.  I yell and chant and get much louder than I probably should.  Sean says it's quite endearing, but I think he's just trying to bring my blood pressure back down. :]  
I've followed KU men's basketball since I was in junior high, thanks to my then-best friend.  There is tradition and passion found in each new season with that team, and that's always kept me closely drawn to them.  So, unlike most other ladies, this was the perfect anniversary gift for me.

I've decided to share our trip in two parts (and one outfit post!), because we simply took far too many photos to share in one post.  After a lovely 4 and a half hour drive which I slept a large portion of, we found ourselves in Lawrence.  We still had a few hours before we needed to be at Allen Fieldhouse for the game, so we decided to venture into the downtown area, which is where these photos were taken.  It was so charming and quaint, yet bustling and busy.  Although the brick and mortar buildings had been revamped, they felt aged.  Some were housing new, modern stores, while others were housing dusty bookstores and dimly light antique shoppes.  The people were friendly and dressed in crimson and blue.  It was none too loud.  The weather was sunny, cold, and windy; and I was glad I wore a sweater.  It was picturesque.  It was perfect.
I don't believe any place could ever steal my heart quite like Seattle did, but this was close...
xo, A.

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