Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Announcing: Sponsorships!

Hello, dear friends!  Beginning in March, I am quite proud to say that Of All The Nonsense will offer free sponsorships!  Yes ma'am, you heard me right - free!  (Things are already expensive enough these days, I say!)
By offering sponsor ads on my blog, I'm aiming to show my never-ending support for small indie businesses, creative folk, and fellow bloggers alike. 
To start off, I am currently offering 6 ads sized 220px by 100px. (I know that 6 may not seem like much, but I think it's the perfect number to get started with.  The number of ads may increase over time!)  The ads will also be rotated multiple times throughout the month to ensure your ad receives maximum exposure.  Also, with your free sponsorship, you will be featured in a sponsor highlight post at the beginning of each month, as well as have the option of participating in a mid-month sponsor feature post!

I hope you're as excited about sponsorships here on the blog as I am.  For a few more details, please stop by my new Sponsor page.  If you're interested in placing an ad for March, please email me at

I'll be back soon to share bits and pieces of our weekend trip to Lawrence.  Have a lovely night, friends.
xo, A.

Note:  I am (excitedly!) already completely booked for the month of March!  However, if you would still like to reserve a space for your ad for coming months, please visit my Sponsor page for further details!  xoxo.

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