Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Fashion of the Unfashionable

I don't generally consider myself a very 'fashionable' person, but lately I've been trying to better embrace the type of clothes that I love, and develop more of a personal style for myself.   I've been reading fashion blogs by girls who have similar tastes to mine, pinning outfits I love on my 'Fashion' board on Pinterest, and raiding my own closet for outfits I hadn't thought of before.
For the longest time though, I didn't know exactly what my style was.  I knew what I liked, and didn't like, but I didn't feel as though it had any direction to it.  Then, once I figured out which styles I gravitate most towards  - vintage-inspired, quirky, simple, a little bit grandma, and slightly boho - and started wearing them more often, I began to feel uncomfortable standing out.  I was allowing the odd glances I received from people in line at the store (especially other girls my age) to make me feel like I looked like a complete weirdo.

However, upon a recent small shopping trip, I had a revelation.  I gravitate towards these styles because they're me, and there's nothing wrong with that!  (And then I felt completely foolish, in a sense, because that's something I should have known all along!)  Instead of being afraid of the weird glances I get from people in public, I should embrace those glances!  Who cares if my personal style seems odd to others??  It's my style, and it's what separates me from everyone else around me.  I'm welcoming the fact that I dress slightly like a grandma with open arms.  I'm unfashionable, and it's okay!

Since this revelation, I've felt so much better about my clothes.  I've had this vintage white knit cardigan (that I love) stuffed in my closet since I've started my new job, and I've been too self-conscious to wear it to work.  How silly is that?  Since my tiny revelation, I couldn't be more excited to wear it to work this coming week.   With pride. :]

The photos above are of my finds on the recent shopping trip I mentioned.  I went to Old Navy!  Do any of you ever shop there?  I hadn't been in an Old Navy in a few years up until recently - I usually couldn't find anything I liked - but this time, I was pleasantly surprised at their selection!  They had a number of things I found adorable, like a navy blouse with a small kitten and polka-dot print that I will go back for!
The best part about my finds?  They were all either on clearance or sale, and I had a 'spend $40, receive $20 off' coupon.  The grand total? $38.  I'd say that's a pretty good deal. :]

Do any of you ever feel odd about your own personal style?  How do you overcome it and feel comfortable and confident?
Happy Saturday!
xo, A.

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