Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome Back

Hello, dear friends! I'm delighted to say that I've returned to my little blog after more than a week off. I've missed you all, but it was a break that I definitely needed to take. This past week has been an eye-opening one, in the best and worst of ways, to say the least. There's been a change...in me, my life, and most deeply, my soul. I'm taking a huge leap of faith. I'm crossing my fingers, closing my eyes, and hoping I land on my feet.
I know I'm being rather vague. I want to talk about the coming changes in my life, but I simply don't want to go into detail about what has lead to them. It's too personal, and I don't want to bring that kind of negativity into this corner of my little world. But like I said, I do want to talk about the changes that have and will result. I feel different. I care more, but at the same time, I care less. I feel more free than I have ever felt (almost). I feel inspired, but in a way that I'm not quite used to. I've grown tired. Tired of the pressure. Tired of juggling what I do want against what I feel I should want. Tired of being afraid to be myself. Tired of being hurt, and tired of being tired.
My cynicism has grown into something I don't want it to be. And that's not how I want to live every day. When my eyes are open, I see what a wonderful, beautiful place this is. I can see how much magic there is in a day. I can feel the inspiration and love all around me. I don't want to continue with my eyes closed. Because that's not what this is about.

I'm quite excited to get back to regular posting here.
Hope you're all well,
xo, A.

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