Friday, September 23, 2011

A Magical Autumn Blog Party // Kate of Kate's Irrelevant

A Magical Autumn Blog Party...
In honor of the first day of Autumn, I thought I would throw a tiny little blog party, celebrating all of the magic the season holds.  This coming weekend is going to be filled with lovely guest posts from a few of my favorite bloggers and friends.
To kick this party off,  I give you Kate of Kate's Irrelevant!

Hey there - I'm Kate from Kate's Irrelevant, a little blog about pretty and endearing things, creative projects and the smaller pleasures in life that make me blissfully happy. And what's making me happy right now is Autumn, so I'm really excited to be sharing my favourite things about this lovely, chilly season with you today, with the addition of a few unnecessary but cute doodles of mine!

{one} Swapping frappucinos for hot winter drinks.
I'm quite shamefully more than happy to drink coffee frappucinos all year round (but my hands get COLD, if you happen to make coffee cosies do let me know ;) ), but there is simply nothing like escaping the autumn rain & wind by shaking off your umbrella, opening the door to a cosy Starbucks and ordering yourself a hot latte.

{two} October 31st.
I heart carving pumpkins with ridiculous faces. I heart delicious toffee apples that I tend to keep on the go for hours at a time. I heart watching scary movies. And I absolutely love nothing more on Halloween than visiting a local Halloween Festival. I used to work there so I would enjoy three weeks of spooky-spirited fun, but now I visit every year to see my brother scaring people in the haunted attractions. For me, it's the best way to celebrate Halloween. This year I'm hoping to go all out and get into some good old Halloween spirit.

{three} Pumpkins.
Like I said, my favourite thing about pumpkins is carving them. But I love them generally. I think all the different shapes and sizes and colours can be so pretty and make for lovely decoration. I'm not one for pumpkin pie, but I do really wish the UK sold pumpkin spiced lattes!

{four} Wrapping up in winter clothes.
Every year I get stupidly excited about the shop for winter essentials; this year a new winter coat makes the top of the shopping list! I do, however, confess that every year I will undoubtedly find myself too many pretty scarves. I love arm warmers, fingerless gloves and legwarmers. But my winter wardrobe revolves around lovely scarves. Last year, I built up an almost never ending collection of various coloured pashminas; this year I'm on the lookout for pretty florals and big knitted scarves.
{five} Golden autumn leaves.My single most favourite thing about this wonderful season : when the leaves turn gold and orange and yellow. I love photographing them from below when I'm driving along a countryside road and scuffling my feet through them when they're scattered on the ground. Everywhere looks so much prettier with autumn leaves.

I'd love to hear what your favourite things about Autumn are! You can find me over at Kate's Irrelevant.
Thank you so much Allie for having me on your lovely blog :)

Aren't her drawings just wonderful?  Kate is such a talented little lady! (Keep on the lookout for another post featuring Kate and her artwork in the coming week! :])  Be sure to stop by her blog and say hello!
Thanks again, Kate!

More posts to come,
xo, A.

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