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A Magical Autumn Blog Party // AmyLou of AmyLouWho

A Magical Autumn Blog Party...

Hi everyone! My name is Amylou and I'm visiting today from my little space called AmyLouWho.


I'm so excited to be guest posting here today for Allie! She has guest posted for me once already and I'm excited to return the favor! Today I want to share my favorite fall tradition with you!

There is just something about Autumn that wins my heart! I love the colder weather and the changing of the leaves. Pretty sweaters, scarves, and actually loving hot coffee because you need it to warm your insides! I think I could go on forever about why I love it, but today I'm going to talk about my favorite tradition: The Corn Maize! Yep... it's spelled Maize on's punny. Haha! Get it?!

I remember when I first heard about the corn maize in the small town neighboring ours. At the time, I was really active in my youth group at church (I was in high school). We were always looking for ways that we could get together and hang out. So one my friends started telling our youth pastor all about the maize and was asking if we could go as a group. I was like...."Hey...WOAH...what's that?" Well I found out pretty quickly that it is just a maze cut into a field of corn. I was asking myself, "Why is that supposed to be fun?!" Well little did I know that it would become one of my favorite activities of the entire year! Pretty soon we were walking through a corn field in the middle of nowhere, playing marco polo.....FOR FUN! Who knew, right?

Every year since then, I beg someone to go with me! We get dressed up warmly. Everyone usually wears like two or three jackets and least! In my case two scarfs and in the pictures below you will also see that I have on two hats! In Texas, they just don't make coats to be very warm because it's usually not that cold, but when the breeze whips through your clothes, you regret it if you aren't dressed warmly enough. Oh and last year we brought hand warmers! That was the warmest I've ever been!

Here are a few pictures from the last times I've been:

We took my little brother and his friend! So much fun!

Last year we took our friends from Arizona!
They had never been and we had such a good time!
Yep... I'm the silly one with the cupcake hat!
The best things about going to the Maize:
Cold weather.
Pretty thick corn stalks.
Walking through a maze that is actually a huge design. They change the design yearly.
My husband running around with a flashlight on his head.
A silly little quiz to help us get through the maze and take the right direction.
Watching the movie Signs before we go. Oh yeah!
My husband hiding from me and then jumping out to scare me.
Hot chocolate.
A corn cannon - oh yes...a cannon that shoots ears of corn at targets.
Great times with friends.
Acting like we are 5 years old again!

Here are a few arial views of
some mazes around the country:
*all photos from The Maize website*
Have you ever been to a Corn Maize? If not there is a really great way to see if there is one close to where you live! The Maize has their own website and believe me when I say that there is one in pretty much every state in the US! It's really easy to click on your state to find a location close to you! My favorite time to go is at night, but you can also go during the day. In my experience, it was very affordable and was great for all age groups! If you've never been, I would really recommend it!

Thank you Allie for letting me share my favorite fall tradition!

Doesn't the Corn Maize sound like so much fun?!  I'm definitely going to see if one can be found in Oklahoma or Texas!
Thank you so much for sharing, Amylou! You're such a sweetheart!
Her blog is a real treat - you can check it out here!
xo, A.

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