Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Magical Autumn Blog Party // Jenny of Chandelier Jenny

A Magical Autumn Blog Party...


Hello readers! I'm Jenny from Chandelier Jenny and I'm so happy to be a guest on Of All the Nonsense. Allie is such a sweet soul and I love reading her blog. And I was beyond flattered when she asked if I would come do a guest post. Thanks, girl. 

There's something about the fair coming to town that brings with it the magic of autumn. The air gets crisp, we pull out the sweaters, and we savor the last days before it starts getting darker earlier. The fair is almost like the in-between of Summer's end and Fall's beginning.

My husband, Tyson, had never been to a fair until this year. A travesty, right? Since we started dating we always tried going, but it was hard finding the time or it would be over before we even knew it. Last year we actually attempted to go, but we gave up on trying to find parking--ha!

Our main reason for going to the fair? The food. In fact, all we did was eat and walk around. I don't think I've eaten so unhealthy ever! I started the night off with fried cheese on a stick, while my husband had the fried pickles. As if that wasn't enough fried yummy goodness, we each had a corn-dog, too. A corn-dog with cheddar and jalapenos. It was so good, but yikes!

And of course we ended the meal with a delicious funnel cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Oh my, I had trouble polishing that sucker off, but good thing I had Tyson to help. ;) I wanted to try one of the deep-fried candy bars, but after the funnel cake I couldn't go near any more food stands.

We spent the rest of the evening walking around and gasping at the crazy rides. I can get nervous just by watching other people on roller coasters, so you can imagine how I do on them (I don't!). Overall it was so much fun just experiencing the fair with Tyson. :)
Have you gone to a fair this year? What is your favorite fair food? 
Happy Fall! 

Isn't Jenny just adorable?!  Thank you bunches, Jenny!  This was such a fun post!
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xo, A.

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