Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Magical Autumn Blog Party // Angie from Lariats and Lavendar

A Magical Autumn Blog Party...

Hi everyone! I'm Angie from Lariats and Lavender, my own little home sweet home on the web. <3

I am SO excited to be here today, guest posting for miss Allie! Of All The Nonsense is without a doubt one of my daily reads, so I am SUPER thrilled to be a part of Allie's Autumn themed blog party. Thank you, Allie!!!
I love Autumn, it's by far my favorite and most anticipated season of the year! From warm coffees, ciders and cocoas to Halloween planning; rainy, crisp days to corn mazes; fashion to... Even more fashion. *wink* Autumn fashion, in my opinion, is absolutely lovely. It's cute, cozy and warm, yet unless you get extremely chilly Autumn's, you do not need to bundle up like you do in Winter! 
Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite Autumn outfits. I hope you enjoy! 
Here is the first set I put together! The basics include a cute t-shirt in a warm color, mixed with dark shorts. Now, you're probably thinking "shorts? In Autumn?" and a month ago, I would have thought the same thing. But recently, I've fallen in love with them and have came up with a few ways you could rock them in Autumn weather. Such as this outfit!
We have a pair of slightly tinted sheer tights (with little hearts) and some warm colored knee-high socks that match our t-shirt, perfect for wearing up or scrunched down, a cute necklace and a pair of short, slouchy dark boots. If you think you'll be chilly, you could always grab a stylish hoodie! <3 
Here is another simple outfit! A lovely mixed grey colored dress, with light grey flat Mary Jane's and a simple, whimsical ring. However, you throw in lovely colored tights like this burnt orange pair and you go from simple to flair. This whole outfit is drawn together with the grey color scheme, yet it's perfectly unique and quite "Autumn" because of the tights.

Can you tell I really love the 70s with this set? I'm a jeans and t-shirts kinda girl, so this set is right up my alley. A pair of fitted bell bottoms is perfect for keeping your lovely legs nice and warm, while still looking fashionable. Past wear fashion is so in right now! This chai colored sweater cape from ModCloth will keep you warm without giving you that must-escape-this-coat type feeling (does anyone else get that?!) and yet the tank-top underneath is cute and perfect in case you DO get a bit too toasty. 
The chunky wedges match the sweater cape and play up the 'bottoms! I paired this outfit with Essie "Very Structured" nail polish (a favorite of mine this Autumn) and a matching knit headband. Finally, I added a sweet, feminine teacup ring for a little glam.

Well, lovely Of All The Nonsense readers, I hope you enjoyed this Autumn fashion post! I'm off for a cup of Pumpkin Spice Cocoa with my wife while we enjoy some almost Autumn like weather! Ta! 

Here you can find Angie's blog, Twitter, and Polyvore!

Angie truly is such a sweetheart, and such an easy person to talk to.  Thank you so much for your post, Angie!
You can find her blog at the link above!  Say hello!

xo, A.

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