Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Photo Challenge // Days 26-30

Finally, here's the end to the 30-Day photo challenge.  I had to finish the challenge out on my phone, because my computer died once more, and I couldn't use any of my camera photos.  Hooray for technology.
Day 26: Something Old
This is a pillowcase that was cross-stitched by my great-grandmother.  There are actually two of them, and I think they're too pretty to sleep on.

Day 27: After Dark
Since I had to retake my photos for the challenge on my phone, I figured that a night shot probably wouldn't turn out very well.  So, I went with this shot of what goes on in my house after dark - emails and blog reading. :]

Day 28: Daily Routine
Making something pretty is part of my new daily routine. :]
Day 29: Purchased
I haven't purchased much lately, but I can always work in a bottle of yummy Dr. Pepper!

Day 30: In Motion
An action shot of my kitty bathing his little paws. :]  He's such a cutie.

I'm quite sad that I didn't finish the challenge was so much fun!  But at least I finished it!
Have a lovely night, dearies!
xo, A.

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