Sunday, August 7, 2011


I thought I would pop in tonight with a few photos from my Instagram.  It's such a fun, handy little app.  I tell you, I tend to lose motivation to carry my camera when I have such great photo apps on my phone.  Sigh.
The first photo was actually taken tonight.  It's Lucille Ball's 100 birthday, you know.  I'm a huge Lucille Ball fan.  I decided to celebrate by watching a few I Love Lucy episodes, and dream that I live in their kitschy apartment. :)

I also just found out you can order little books of your Instagram photos!  They're called Instagram Blurb books, and I want one.
Anywho, if you're on IG as well, my account is _allisonlynn!

xo, A.

-Also, I've been searching for a more personal, direct way to reply to comments on my blog.  I really can't stand the way I've been replying to your comments here. :(  If you have any suggestions, I would truly appreciate it! <333


Collins - Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

I usually just go to the readee's blog and reply there. I ask questions all the time Nd the forget to go back and see if they answer it. :)
I want Instagram but I have a Droid,, it kills me! There are those out there that claim to be like Instagram bur nope....

Lu said...

I like your glasses pretty much! :)

Angie said...

Eeee, I love these!!! Your kitty is so cute. <3 I wish I had a cell phone and could join you!!!

Also, I know a lot of people use Disqus and it's pretty awesome. I tried and all of my comments got wiped, but I know there's a way to prevent that!

shehimandanotherday said...

Hello, I hope all is well with you.
You have a really amazing blog! I'll have to follow it. And I also liked your buttons I decided to put one on my most recent new blog! :D
I'll be back for sure!

If you want to ( you will be very welcome! Kiss, Marlene♥

chrissy said...

i love the bright colours! so cheery. and your spectacles look amazing on you. very pretty.


Anonymous said...

These photos are so lovely and nicey nice, I can't quite decide which is my favourite :)

Jamie said...

I love your IG feed. =]
Blogger drives me crazy in the comments department. =[ There's no way to know if someone has replied back to you. How do you know if they're going to come back and check, or if you're just wasting your time replying to every comment? I wish Blogger could make an easier way.

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