Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Photo Challenge // Day 6

August Photo Challenge // Day 6
Today's Photo: Childhood Memory
This photo was taken when I was about 3 years old, and I remember this occasion rather well.  I'm lucky enough to recall many memories from my early childhood.  This photo in particular was taken around Easter in 1993.  My mom thought it would be fancy for my baby brother and I to have our photos taken with the Easter bunny in Albertson's grocery store.  I'm quite sure I remember being terrified of the bunny.  This bunny is rather frightening, after all.  My fear for him grew just seconds after my brother and I sat down on his lap.  The man in the bunny costume was having trouble holding his head up, because the bunny head weighed too much.  After my brother and I sat down, the bunny's head started to tip backwards, and over we all went!  As a small 3 year old, I was terrified!  I can only imagine what my younger brother must have thought, at less than a year old.
Once the bunny was situated, we tried again, with success.  If my memory serves me, someone had to crouch down behind the bunny to help hold him up.  It wasn't too funny to me at the time, but looking back, it's quite a hilarious story to tell.

Do you have any funny childhood stories?
xo, A.


Angie said...

Ahahaha, that IS terrifying! BUT SO CUTE and FUNNY! I have two I'll share with you. Neither were funny at the time, but they surely are now!

1. My dad was in the hospital with phenomena (don't worry, everything turned out fine!) and couldn't do any of the yard work. My mom called over my big sister Patty to babysit me, while she went to the hospital. To be nice, Patty decided to use the hand mower (ya know, the kind you push?) and do the front yard. Well, I was walking with her, tripped, fell into the ditch and instead of helping me... My big sister nearly mowed me!!! I haven't let her forget that!

2. The next story also involves my big sister Patty. I was maybe eight or nine, she was in her 30s. Us, my other sister and my mother were all in a cute little quiet restaurant having breakfast. Patty didn't like my attitude, so she reached under the table and as hard as she could, pinched my leg. I freaking SCREAMED my head off. A waitress came running, asking what was wrong. Before anyone could answer, I said a HUUUUUUUGE spider bit me. The whole restaurant was so darn afraid of the giant spider, some people up and left! Oops.

Collins - Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

Aw, bless your heart. I was scared of the bunny and Santa and Everything else!

Jamie said...

haha, Cute! Those bunnies were scary to me when I was little too.

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