Sunday, August 7, 2011

7 Things Sunday // Pinterest Edition

Hello, friends!  This week, I thought I would share a few of my favorites from Pinterest.  Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration for me lately. 

Here are a few of my favorites...

1.  This room is so dreamy.  The wallpaper and bedding are perfect.  And I can't get enough of the shelves of books on the walls.

2.  I want a house with scallops so bad.

3.  This girl's lovely hairstyle.

4.  Eek!  This dresscoat from Lauren Moffat. <3

5.  I've been wanting a pair of saddle brown Oxfords lately.  They truly would go with everything.

6.  Thiiiis!

7.  I love old RV's.  Someday I hope to own one that Sean and I can travel around in.  For now, I'll just drool over photos of them looking so pretty.

xo, A.


Collins @ Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

Oh, I love the RV!! The one you get must have pink curtains!

Kyla said...

Lovely picks! I agree, I've been very into Pintrest lately for my inspiration :) I love that bun hairstyle!

shehimandanotherday said...

I love your choices!
I didn't know that site, I looked and sounded interesting, thank you!

kiss, marlene ♥
if you want to pass on my new blog!

Beth (ramz) said...

ah, that room's gorg! and the girl's hair makes me wish I had long hair again. love the colour of the coat/dress! x

ramz and the flock

Kate said...

I love that green house with the scallopping. want want want.

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