Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Six Confessions

I had wanted to join in on the '6 Confessions' posts that were floating around a couple of weeks ago, but I've been behind on pretty much everything.  Feeling rather sickly today, I decided to lounge around and put them together for you.  Here are my 6 confessions:

1.  Most people don't peg me for a sports fan at all, but I love to watch basketball.  My team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. :)

2.  I wish that I could be best friends with everyone from 'The Office'.

3.  I've wanted to start my own Etsy for well over a year now, but I have such a fear of failing.

4.  I actually do miss living in the middle of nowhere.  Sometimes the city can be too much.

5.  I hate being in water.  (Except to take baths, of course!)  I can't do pools, lakes, and definitely not the ocean.  I panic if my feet can't touch the bottom, and if water gets up near my shoulders, I start to hyperventilate.

6.  I spent 9 days in Seattle once, and felt more at home there than I have anywhere else.

And there you have it.  :)
Do feel free to share your own 6 confessions, if you haven't already!
xxoo, Allie.


peppermint*tea said...

Seattle is a magical city. Basketball is a fun sport to watch :D
These are all very interesting! Thanks for sharing girl!!!!

Kaisha said...

this is such a great idea. sometimes it takes great honesty to confess your secrets... lovely blog x

heather. said...

I totally ditto your water confession.

Ali said...

I love the new blog design! It is lovely!!

Allie said...

peppermint*tea: Seattle is such a magical city. I could go on all day about how much I love it. :) Thanks!

Kaisha: Thank you, dear!

heather.: Hah, usually people give me looks like I'm crazy when I tell how afraid of water I am! Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Ali: Thank you! <3

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