Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello, lovelies.  I've been absent for the past couple of weeks, but I've had a few good reasons.  I quit my job, Sean and I celebrated our one year anniversary with a trip to Branson to see the Titanic museum, I celebrated my dad's birthday with my family, and now that I'm finally back home, we're working on moving my sewing room into the living room.

Quitting my job is one of the best things I could have done.  For being a retail job, it certainly was stressful.  It feels heavenly to not be underneath all of that anymore.
And now I have time to sew and craft, continue to learn to crochet, spend time with my family, blog, and relax.

A few photos from our trip.

xoxo, Allie.


Alycia ( said...

congrats on quitting your job! i wonder if they make cards for that hehe. that museum looks cool. i would love to see that one :)

cloud061082 said...

Sounds like a busy week =)
Hope all is well with you and everyone, I might go write on mine after I've gone shopping for food for the cat, she's been pestering me all morning, now I know why heh.

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