Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last week, I took a trip with my family home to West Texas.  It was a bittersweet trip, and each time I'm there I remember exactly why I love it so much.
The Inn
We went to see my grandmother in Monahans, the town my father grew up in.  I love hearing the stories my dad tells me about the town.  He'll point out what seem to be abandoned buildings and talk about how they were once thriving.  He'll talk about the people who once lived in the neighborhoods, and the games him and my two uncles used to play.  Occasionally, he'll even talk about playing baseball in high school. (My dad was an all-star pitcher, and was even drafted by the Cincinnati Reds right out of high school.  Unfortunately, he broke his leg and was unable to play. :( )
Super Burger
Worn and lovely
Betty's Ceramics
And this little house was where my father lived for a few years growing up, that my grandmother turned into her ceramic shoppe.  I just love it so.  It doesn't look so lovely now, but being close and inside of it, I can just tell how cute it used to be.  I remember spending time in this ceramic shoppe when I was 3 or 4 years old, and the old lady named Lou who would come over every day to sit with my grandma, paint ceramics, and chat.  And I remember the two photos of me from when I was little that my grandma had placed on shelves in her shoppe, which were still sitting there when we came in, untouched and covered in dust.  My grandma eventually became too old and fragile to continue with her shoppe, so she locked the doors and never came back.
Still Loved Ceramics
All of her ceramics remained, and the only way to tell that time hadn't stopped in that little house was the dirt.  I took a few ceramics to paint for myself, as well as a few other things...sweet little mementoes from a time that I miss so much.
My Sweet Grandmother
My Sweet Grandmother


cloud061082 said...

amazing post!
I wish I had something like that, just to have that nostalgia feeling, almost like a link to the past, some hidden garden or treasure people have forgotten about!

Miss Wendy said...

Such amazing pictures!!!!

Lane said...

Everytime I visit your blog it has a whole new look, it's kind of fun. I've been doing the same thing with mine lately to though, I'm finally happy with it. I needed something that was me and that was beautiful, life is so overwhelming, my blog is the only thing I can runaway to.

Rylie Renee said...

your pictures are beautiful!! :)

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