Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

I grew up in Oklahoma, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. (the above photo is of my "backyard")  When I was younger, I of course couldn't wait to get out and try life in the "big city".  I never thought I'd miss the slow pace, wide open spaces, and fields of flowers.
Back in June, I traded the wide open spaces for steel and concrete, and moved just north of Dallas.  And while I think it was a wonderful decision,  because I'm able to be with Sean every day, I miss my home more and more.  I miss being able to take my time when going places, I miss being able to leisurely drive at a comfortable pace (the drivers in North Texas are INSANE), and I miss looking out my window and seeing the big, beautiful field that I'm so used to.   I'd give almost anything to move back now, but it will still be a while before I can do that.
No matter how far away from home I go, I know my roots will always be in the beautiful place.
XO, Allie.


gee said...

i am totally feeling you in this post.
i could not wait to leave home for college and i did...and now i'm grown up and have come to my senses..
but now i live 6hrs away from home for work. :(
i can not wait to be home again.

Claire Kiefer said...

I miss home a lot, too. I grew up in Georgia and now live in San Francisco, which is amazing, but I miss the South and wish I could visit more often than I do.

kristin elena. said...

ntx drives are definitely crazy. i get stressed out driving the 3 miles it takes me to get to work! i plan on moving to the pnw asap. my sis lives up there and says people drive 50 on the highway and are perfectly content. sounds good to me! i need a break from the madness. although, this will always be my home and i'm sure i'll miss it when i'm gone.

amylou said...

i love this post so much!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I moved from Indiana to NTX. Talk about culture shock. I also felt the need to spread my wings and leave home. Though I love my husband and the life we have made together, I would give anything to this life back home.

Chrissy said...

I totally understand you!! My family and I moved from Germany to Chicago 2 years ago...I love living here, but I do miss my family and friends so so much! Some days are tough and others are ok!
And - it is so true - HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS!

Just "found" your sweet blog! Love it!

Allie said...

Gee: Yeah, I live about 5 hours away from my home. Not so far that I can't go back with ease, but too far to make regular trips. I miss it!

Claire Kiefer: Wow! I can imagine you miss home! I hope you get to visit soon!

Kristin Elena: Me too! I work about 5 miles away and I hate driving to work! I get my boyfriend to drive me at every opportunity I can! PNW certainly does sound nice, comparatively!

amylou: Thanks, lady!

Brooke Ann Dove: You're such a long way from home, I hope you get to go home soon. It's hard, because I too love the life I've began with my boyfriend, but I miss my family!

Chrissy: Wow! I do believe you win the 'Farthest From Home' award! I bet you miss it like crazy!
And thank you so much! I'm going to check your blog out now! :)

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